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ETN Press Release Response

It has recently come to our attention that News Channel 4 & the BBB have published a press release in regard to NINE negative customer complaints. 

Everything TN has had over 10,000 orders and shipped over 25,000 products since 2015 as a part time small business. We do everything we can to ensure that orders do not get delayed or lost in our system, but unfortunately this does happen.

While the BBB does report 9 total negative reviews in two years, Everything TN has over 600 reviews (see them here) on our website, both positive and negative that we have replied to and we do our best to correct any order issues. Everything TN collectively has over 200,000 followers on our social media channels, and we would never intentionally delay any product orders.

Since a negative fulfillment partnership occurred in March, we have implemented new procedures with new fulfillment partners to ensure that all orders are produced and shipped from our Nashville warehouses within a timely manner. 

We urge any previous customers with concerns or questions to please reach out to us directly to, and we will resolve any issues immediately. 
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