Tennessee Taco Company

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Tennessee Taco Company

Author: Isaac Weston (@isaacweston)

My girlfriend, Bailey, is from Little Rock, Arkansas, and over there they call it "cheese dip." I'm from Nashville, and here in the great state of Tennessee, we call it "queso." And honestly, it doesn't matter what you call it, but you better know where to get it.

And now I do.

Tennessee Taco Company in Memphis, Tennessee, has the best queso I have ever had. It isn't the thin, runny, translucent kind that barely coats the chip. It's the opposite. When the seasoned tortilla chip emerges from the bowl, the queso is welded to the chip and not going any place other than your mouth. They also have queso con carne, which includes chorizo, cheddar cheese, and pico de gallo.

Since Tennessee Taco Company opened its doors on September 11, 2017, it has been incredibly busy-- and rightly so. They pride themselves on good food, reasonable prices, fast service, friendly staff, and a lively atmosphere. And I truly believe those all check out, but go see for yourselves!

The menu accommodates people of different preferences. Dishes created by chef Rob Ray, and names created by owner Ben McLean have presented a diverse menu that will make you smile when you read it, and make you melt when you taste it. "Guacing in Memphis," "Shrimp and Grind," and "Tom Lee Pork" reference the Blues City, while "It's Hard Out Here for a Shrimp," "Don't Go Bacon My Heart," and "Dixie Chicken" hone in on wit.

Gus's Favorite (left) and Catfish and Caviar (right)

Tennessee Taco Company also has appetizers like buffalo chicken nachos, buffalo shrimp, and sweet potato fries. And for the vegetarians in attendance, there are veggie wings and four different types of tacos. The bar offers beer, wine, margaritas, and many different cocktails whose names are attributed to Tennessee. McLean recommended I try "The Hound Dog" next time I come in, but "Peach, Please," and "Suit and Tie" also pique my interest. Looks to me like a good excuse to make multiple visits.

Buffalo Chicken Nachos

McLean, who started his college education at the University of Tennessee and finished at the University of Memphis, has been in the restaurant business for 22 years. He is currently the owner of Belly Acres, an all-natural burger joint in Midtown Memphis, and has been one of the minds behind several other concepts for Memphis restaurants. He is very community-oriented. "We like to use from the community and give back to the community," says McLean.

BBQ Chicken Quesadilla

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