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Nashville Series: Interview with Grace Hackett

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What are the 3 things you miss most about your time at University of TN?

Gosh, that’s tough to just choose 3. 

-I think the first (and most obvious) would be game days. Even though I can still go to games, it’s just different when you’re a have friends at every tailgate and the student section is the most fun section in the stadium.

-The living situation. I miss living in our moldy shoebox-of-a-room in Humes freshman year (RIP Pres Court) and in the Fort the rest of college. Being walking distance from all of your friends is hands-down the most special thing about college and what I miss most. 

-This one may sound a little weird, but I actually miss Hodges. There was something nostalgic about getting your 8pm Starbucks + snacks from the POD and holing up in the lib all night with your friends before a big exam or presentation.

Can you tell us more about your job as Director of Fundraising and Development with Love One International? 

Yeah! To give a little background, Love One provides life-saving medical care & rehabilitative services for critically ill children in Uganda. My mom started Love One a few years ago and I now work full-time for the non-profit doing fundraising and development. Basically, I come up with creative ways to raise money stateside so that we can continue to care for children in Uganda.

I’ve grown up going to Uganda and have so many friendships and relationships there, and my sister JosieLove was actually born there. So I’m really passionate about the work I do… most days, it doesn’t even feel like work. 


What is the best way for people to get involved with Love One International?

- Living in Nashville allows me to plan a lot of fun events that don't feel like “fundraisers.” One of my favorites happens during CMA Fest at AJ’s rooftop’s SO FUN. With that said, we’ve had to cancel most of our events this year due to COVID, but once this dies down we’ll start having them again. If you’re in the Nashville area (or want to travel and come), our events are a great & fun way to get involved!

- We launched an ambassador program this year! This time around, we only accepted people in Nashville but we do plan to expand to other cities (hopefully in 2021). You can follow Love One on social media for updates on this & everything else we have going on!


- We also have an online store, and I may be a little biased but I think the merch is really awesome. 100% of proceeds from the store go to the children and families we work with in Uganda.

- Lastly, you can always give! It’s pretty crazy the impact that even jut $1 can make over there, so really no donation is too small. 

Nashville has the best ____ (fill in the blank) and why? 

Nashville has the best PEOPLE! There’s so many great things about Nashville, but the people are what keep me here. My husband, our families and our friends here are what make my life awesome. Our food / restaurants are a close second :) 


Imagine a world without Social Media. Do you think as a society we would be better or worse off?

This may be an unpopular opinion because people always talk about social media being bad, but I think it has power to do more good than bad. It’s an amazing tool for educating and raising awareness, connecting with people, and marketing. When we find ourselves comparing ourselves to others, not liking what we see, spending too much time scrolling, etc.  

 I think we tend to blame it on social media but forget that WE are the users! We choose who we follow, how much time we spend on it, etc. I really try to limit my time scrolling and I’ve honestly gotten to a point where if someone’s posts are negative, hateful, political, or cause any type of internal conflict for me, I mute them. It’s not personal, it’s just a choice I make for my mental wellbeing and if you look at my feed now, it’s all pretty uplifting stuff.


Bonus Question: What's the most useless talent you have?

If you can’t tell in my pic, I have dimples on both sides of my face. I can put a blueberry (or any small round object) in my dimples and it will stick because they’re so deep hahaha


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