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Franklin and Murfreesboro Make Top 50 Places to Live List


Both Franklin and Murfreesboro, Tennessee, are two of the top 50 places in the United States to live right now, says a Time Magazine article.

The article focuses on big towns and suburbs of big cities that boast high qualities of life, low crime statistics, good schools, and economic growth, instead of just metropolitan areas. Franklin came in at number six and Murfreesboro hopped in at number nineteen— so technically they made the Top 20 list.

Franklin’s Selling Points

The most Franklin-like selling point according to the article is its “Instagram-worthy main street,” which is not the concept architects in the 1800s were going for, but hey, at least the buildings are timeless. The main reasons for Franklin are its short commute to Nashville, high employment rates, and prestigious public and private schools.

Food, alcohol, and annual festivals are also perks of the town, according to Time. Franklin houses lots of restaurants that have been written up in national publications, breweries for the young adult population, and festivals that orient around the family getting to enjoy the town together.

My only criticism of choosing Franklin so high up on the list is that they failed to include how expensive the cost of living is. Sure, the household median income is high, but that means everything else is expensive. Wait, one more complaint. Traffic and construction are always awful. They are great for the city’s economy, but terrible for the citizens’ patience.

Murfreesboro’s Selling Points

There are two main selling points that plastered The ‘Boro on the list. Instead of it being recognized as solely a suburb of Nashville, Murfreesboro’s population of about 136,000 people has propelled it from an outskirt to its own city. The other reason is the rapid expansion of jobs moving into the city and Rutherford County area.

Like Franklin, Murfreesboro is home to annual festivals. Main Street Jazzfest and holiday activities for Halloween and Christmas occupy the downtown. And although the downtown has not been deemed “Instagram-worthy,” the article calls the public square “charming” and the clock tower is recognized as the city’s landmark.

Working for a moving company in Nashville, I have seen the rapid growth and appeal to Murfreesboro. In fact, lots of people that have moved there relocated from the Spring Hill-Franklin-Brentwood strip. Even though it’s a longer commute to Nashville, Murfreesboro is more affordable than Williamson County, and offers lots of similar traits.

If you are going to move to Tennessee, Franklin or Murfreesboro are both good picks. Both towns allow you to have the big city amenities at the Southern small town pace.

Author: Isaac Weston (@IsaacWeston)

Picture credit: TN Vacation (

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