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Comedian John Crist Makes Fun of Nashville Bach Parties in New Video

Several years ago, they infiltrated Nashville and since then their population has only grown. They trek to different neighborhoods, posing for pictures in front of famous murals, enjoying renowned food and drink places, just buying time until the sun sets. Then they take over Broadway. 

They wear matching T-shirts, sashes, and either cowboy boots or high heels. They’re usually loud, they’re usually tipsy, and they’re usually not from Nashville. And after years of fighting their way to the top of the proverbial nightlife ladder, some comedians finally paid homage to this group—the Nashville Bachelorette Party.


“This is so crazy. Like, this is the center of country music. That could be the next Luke Bryan right there, like, no one knows. Like, dreams are coming true tonight!” says John Crist to his front camera as Trey Kennedy sways in the background to music from a singer in the window of a street-front stage.

Yes, it’s comical, but it could be a 3-minute documentary filled with witty one-liners and stereotypical statements. “Like, I’m happy for her and I’m having fun, but I’m just really ready for it to be my turn,” Kennedy complains. That’s had to have been said before by some bridesmaid.

Frothy Monkey, pedal taverns, and the Belonging Co. church are all mentioned in the video, but the majority of the video takes place where the majority of bachelorette parties take place; Broadway.

And after a hard-fought battle with the bar scene, their night ends in an exhausted wait for the Uber.

“Ahhh, I just wanna go home. We’re literally the twelfth and thirteenth bridesmaids, I don’t think she’ll know we’re gone.”

“Yeah, the dresses are hideous too.”

“And $450?!”

“I’m gonna wear it once.”

“I hate her.”

Author: Isaac Weston (@IsaacWeston)

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