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5 Must Have Summer Accessories For Tennesseans

After months (felt like years) of house arrest and minimal Vitamin D it looks like we might be able to resume a bit of normality in our lives just in time for summer! 

After being cooped up for so long it's time to head back into the world! But, before we do that we must make sure we have all the accessories needed to maximize our time at the beach, lake, or in the Smoky Mountains all the while still representing the greatest state in America!

This probably doesn't need to be said, BUT the below items make the perfect gifts for friends and family...

1. Tennessee Whiskey Tank


  • Time to get rid of that Farmer’s tan ladies and gentlemen! Thankfully for you, we have a host of unique TN tanks to choose from. Currently, our Tennessee Whiskey Tank is the hottest one we offer. 

  • Side note: If you got a killer design idea than go ahead and slide in our DM’s.

  • Link:

2. Nash Hockey Trucker Hat

  • Whether you’re into a trucker cap, snapback, or dad hat we got it all. Well, actually we don’t sell cowboy hats…not yet at least! Our best seller is the Nash Hockey Trucker Hat....just because there isn't hockey doesn't mean you can't support your favorite team! 

  • p.s. rumor has it you shoot 3-5 strokes better when wearing this hat.

  • Link:

3. Orange Tristar Tote Bag

  • Maybe not the sexiest item on the list, but definitely the most practical. Someone has to be the “mom” of the group and have a place for keys, wallets, sunscreen, etc. Our Orange Tristar Tote Bags are the perfect day bag for all your lake, beach, or park activities!

  • Link:

4. Tennessee Tumbler

  • That summer TN heat sure will melt your ice and ruin that fresh glass of sweet tea you crave so badly. snag our Tennessee Tumbler to keep your refreshments ice cold. From now until the end of May we are running a 2 for $50 special! Use code “Summer” at checkout.

  • Link:

5. Orca Tennessee Tristar Cooler

Honorable Mention: Gift Cards

Look, we know you must be overwhelmed. So, let us go ahead and mention a few things: 

  1. We believe in Southern Hospitality. If you don’t LOVE your item than we will find a way to make it right. Being a Tennessean means taking care of one another.

  2. Our customer service team doesn’t stop working! If you have any questions, hit them up!

  3. Gift cards are always a safe gift. And who doesn’t love getting more Tennessee products? If they don’t, we got some issues…


Photo Credit- Tiffany Upchurch

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